• Smart decisions at the Help Desk
  • Reduce costly truck rolls
  • Improved 1st call resolution
  • Reduce customer churn
Case Studies


When quality monitoring was needed for their IPTV service …LUS Looked to Mariner.

LUS is the only 100% fiber optic network in Lafayette, Louisiana.

“When we get a customer call on TV, the first place we go is Mariner xVu” says Frank LeDoux, Engineering, Power and Communications Manager at LUS. “To be honest it has become a tool we can't live without.  Before our technicians leave a customer’s home after a new TV installation they check Mariner xVu to ensure the service is working, end to end.”

Mariner xVu™ is the industry award winning tool to rapidly isolate troubles across a complicated IPTV delivery network.

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"It has become a tool we can't live without"


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