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Mariner xVu™ 4 Adds Mariner AccountVu Module to Mediaroom Edition

March 22, 2011

Brings Enhanced Customer Management Functionality to the Most Widely Deployed STB Service Monitoring Solution on the Mediaroom Platform

IPTV World Forum, London, March 22, 2011 - Mariner, a leading provider of innovative IP video solutions and technologies, today announced the addition of Mariner AccountVu to the latest release of its innovative IPTV service monitoring solution, offered as part of Mariner xVu™ 4. The latest release also offers significant enhancements to the existing Mariner SupportVu and Mariner NetworkVu modules which take advantage of new Mediaroom monitoring capabilities offered in Mediaroom 2.0.

The enhanced functionality with Mariner xVu 4 is focused primarily on improved and consolidated customer insight such as Video performance, STB management, purchases, service pack management, password management and PVR recording management. Mariner has added richer reporting capabilities with the new release as well. Mariner xVu 4 features full integration with Microsoft Mediaroom, bringing rapid trouble detection and targeted corrective action to Mediaroom service providers, and is now the most widely deployed IPTV set top box (STB) service monitoring solution for the Mediaroom platform.

Key Facts

  • Mariner’s xVu is an award-winning IPTV service assurance platform that is currently deployed with service providers across Europe, Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean and in Asia-Pacific markets.  Mariner is a recognized Microsoft® partner in both Test and Measurement and Application development.
  • With Mariner’s xVu, operators are able to provide Quality of Experience (QoE) insight to head-end technicians, network operations, field technicians and customer service representatives, enabling them to rapidly confirm and isolate network issues before they negatively affect the end user’s experience.  This insight reduces operating costs through the reduction of dispatches and STB swap outs.
  • Mariner xVu release 4 also offers simplified navigation, providing operators with insight into both the technical delivery of the service as well as the usage of it. A faster diagnosis means an improved customer experience.

Supporting Quotes:

“The enhancements to the 4th generation of the Mariner xVu platform builds upon the customer insight available to our customers through the deployment of our IPTV service monitoring solution on the Mediaroom platform,” states Curtis Howe, President and CEO of Mariner. “The focus of Mariner xVu continues to be on the quality of the overall viewing and service experience of the IPTV customers, and the Mariner xVu platform is experiencing widespread adoption and usage across Mediaroom’s customer base.”

About Mariner

Mariner is a leading provider of innovative IP video solutions and technologies that deliver unique value to the expanding IPTV industry. Mariner’s flagship TV care product, Mariner xVu™, specializes in Next-Gen IPTV service monitoring. Mariner’s architecture and toolset enables service providers to better assure the viewing experience, isolate troubles and guide cost effective resolution such as "smart" truck rolls. Mariner’s frostt™ platform delivers interactive TV, social networking and self-service capabilities to the TV in a highly compelling viewing experience.

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Marie Jo Thibault, Director Marketing Communications, Mariner
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