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frostt™ is an IPTV application management platform that allows operators to merchandise, monetize, and report on their IPTV applications.

The frostt platform operates on top of your IPTV solution to remove the innovation bottleneck:

  • Leverages existing support services; standard interfaces to IPTV middleware support services.
  • Middleware agnostic; mediation technology simplifies integration with existing IPTV ecosystems.
  • Compartmentalized change; rapid and low risk service deployment.
  • TV/Web 2.0 convergence; leverage the innovation explosion of Web 2.0.

frostt clears the bottleneck!

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frostt™ Platform Features

  • Vendor applications can be uploaded to the Storefront
  • Operators can set price and description
  • Applications can be enabled by:
  • Region, Device Type, Language, HSI Speed
  • Purchases are authorized using the VOD Rental PIN
  • Promote VOD assets in high visibility locations
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating integration
  • Application & content discovery

frostt™ Platform Benefits

  • Helps test and launch New Applications fast
  • Provides an engaging Storefront
  • Generates more value from Advertizing
  • Delivers a common Self-Service platform
  • Supports Companion devices