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Software Defined Monitoring for IP Video

Video is everywhere...and your monitoring should be too

Customers want to watch video on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Video and broadband networks are growing in size and shape with more content and many more devices.

Mariner turns endpoint devices into probes with Software Defined Monitoring for IP Video

 Software Defined Monitoring

Better monitoring gives you bottom line results

Topology Aware

  • Patented technology to accurately map the topology to the entire network
  • Endpoints are mapped to a topology to provide triangulation of issues

Intelligent Triangulation

  • Triangulate co-dependant problem points using topology aware software
  • Get proactive diagnostics with Mariner Intelligent Adaptive SamplingTM (IAS)
  • Best Accuracy with superior time alignment
  • Single screen visibility for both physical issues and channel/ content issues

Virtualization and Flexibility

  • Virtual blade server solution for best in class economics
  • Extend the visibility into the home and mobile users

Price Performance

  • Pure software-only solution supports the economics of endpoint monitoring for lower cost of ownership with millions of soft probes
  • Consolidate QoE monitoring and cap physical probe costs

#1 in IP Video Deployments

  • Low risk deployment
  • Continuous improvement through customer best practices and feedback
  • Economies of scale for functionality, scalability and reliability

Big Data Visualization

  • Hundreds of KPIs monitored per STB
  • Real time synthesis of events
  • Optimized collection and storage of huge quantities of monitoring data
  • Flexible analytics, quickly identifying relevant and meaningful (but often non-intuitive) patterns

Download the Mariner xVu Software Defined Monitoring for IP Video brochure

Download the Mariner xVu N-Screen QoE Monitoring for IP Video

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Mariner xVu offers one platform for monitoring of new services and applications on multiple devices in a dashboard format specifically developed with IP Video services in mind.

  • Mariner NetworkVu                                                                                                                                      Developed for Network Operations to improve monitoring and isolation capabilities beyond the reach of  traditional “network-centric” management systems.
    Learn more about Mariner NetworkVu »
  • Mariner SupportVu
    Built to address the specific needs of the Customer Service Help Desk and Installation and Repair teams.
    Learn more about Mariner SupportVu »
  • Mariner ReportVu
    Designed to provide business executives with a comprehensive, “customer-centric” view of provided services.
    Learn more about Mariner ReportVu »
  • Mariner FieldVu
    Mariner FieldVu equips your Field Technicians with the tools to guarantee quality installations, putting the Field technician in the driver's seat.
    Learn more about Mariner FieldVu »

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Get a deeper understanding of service issues by monitoring the performance on any device

  • Advanced insight into the customer's IP Video experience
  • Visibility into your network health lets you see what the customers sees and more importantly, what they don't see
  • Understand the real impact of an outage for your customer base
  • Customized views into service performance by neighbourhood, region and more
  • Combines endpoint monitoring, topology awareness and advanced correlation techniques to deliver cost-effective service assurance
  • Improved first call resolution and Mean Time to Repair
  • A "customer-centric" view of the service to quickly isolate the issue and initiate corrective action
  • Certify the install or repair for improved installation quality
  • Reduce repeat calls, field repair visits, STB replacements and truck rolls
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