Mariner FieldVu 1.3.1

Mariner FieldVu 1.3.1

Test Whole Home PVR Functionality and Certify the Home Remotely

Focused on unlocking value to other groups in your business, we have created a new web-based product that boasts the ability to run certification stress tests remotely and view previous certification results. At the click of a button, support staff can stress test all set-top-boxes in the home and certify a high quality experience for subscribers while being held to the same quality standards as technicians in the field. We’ve also added a whole home PVR test which standardizes the testing of the PVR and reduces time needed to test playback and recording functionality on all devices.

Mariner FieldVu Account screenshot

What’s New

  • Mariner & Ericsson
    • Supporting Mediaroom Server 2.5 and client 2.6 with bandwidth managed profiles
    • Support for both Oracle and Enterprise DB customers
  • Remote Certification Interface
    • Users can view historical certification results and trigger and view certifications in real time from our newest interface built in HTML 5
    • Can be launched as stand-alone app with subscriber search functionality or integrated with Mariner SupportVu
  • Major Features
    • Whole home PVR test unlocks new capability to support staff and drastically reduces time for field techs to test functionality on new installs and repairs
    • No running from room to room to test recording and playback: the PVR test runs automatically after the in-home stress test from a single STB or remote interface
  • Other Key Product Improvements
    • Ability to report on reliability of whole home PVR
    • Deeper compliance reporting capability through user activity tracking
    • Tailor the channel test line-up to specific regions
    • Stability improvements

Whole Home PVR Test Value Proposition

Certify PVR devices and Whole Home PVR Services in as Little as 3 Minutes

  • Reduce Install/Repair Times
    One interface and one click tests all devices. No running from room to room recording and playing back to test PVR capabilities
  • Standardize PVR Testing Processes
    Every technician and every home tested to same standard
  • Test Payback Quality Under Maximum Possible Load
    Expose problems that could occur only in peak usage situations
  • Verify Whole Home PVR Functionality
    Test playback of recordings on secondary STBs