TDC Group Selects Mariner xVu™ for its TV Entertainment Service Assurance

TDC Group Selects Mariner xVu™ for its TV Entertainment Service Assurance

xVu software will help deliver better TV and broadband/Wi-Fi customer experiences

SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA — March 16, 2017 — Mariner xVu™ is pleased to announce that TDC Group, Denmark’s largest telecoms operator, will deploy Mariner’s multi-award winning xVu software as part of its announced strategic initiative to deliver best in class customer satisfaction and to enhance the organization’s Service Experience Monitoring project (SEM). TDC’s SEM team saw value in the xVu software’s excellent reputation for delivering end-to-end network and content visibility at massive scale, while immediately enhancing its ability to respond to in-home problems, where customer issues often start.

Mariner xVu, a leading global provider of IP video solutions for pay TV, streaming and broadband/Wi-Fi networks, was chosen for its real-time capabilities, customer care applications and efficiencies gained through implementation of proven industry best practices. By providing deep and comprehensive analytics across various delivery platforms, the TDC team will have a customer view that includes traffic utilization, CPE devices, applications and services, all allowing them to more proactively handle and resolve both network and individual customer issues.

“We required a market-hardened and proven solution that will materially reduce the number of faults and enable proactive service assurance for the highest level of customer experience,” said Jens Peter Villadsen, Vice President, IP Services. “We selected the xVu software for its ability to identify the root cause of issues across the service, network, systems and departments – at a time when our customers are watching more on-demand entertainment on both wired and wireless screens.”

The TDC win is another example of significant growth of Tier-1 operators using the xVu software. With more than 3 billion quality-impacting events monitored per week, the xVu solution has been proven to impact Net Promoter Scores and is helping operators take market share and reduce churn.

“Mariner xVu enables operations and customer care teams to manage the next generation of video and high speed broadband experiences,” said Marc Savoie, president of Mariner xVu. “With a view to delight their customers – not to mention the realization of significant OPEX savings – operators like TDC are investing in software technology that gives a time advantage, as the volume and speed of video entertainment grows.”

About Mariner xVu™

Mariner xVu is the world leader in software defined monitoring for managed and unmanaged IP video, streaming and broadband/Wi-Fi networks. We have over 40 million devices under management, building real-time views of video performance, both inside and outside the home. Our multi-award winning software helps operators centrally manage the complexity required to deliver new entertainment and broadband Internet services with real-time visibility into the subscriber experience — anywhere. With an increasingly diverse and broad service domain, the benefits to service providers include operational savings and customer satisfaction through insightful correlation, triangulation, inference, and automation across networks, content, and the home. Mariner xVu™ enables service providers to offer a reliable, high-quality viewing experience; rapidly isolate video network issues; and cost-effectively reduce truck rolls and call volume to ensure a superior TV and broadband service. More information is available at