Mariner xVu™ Ships Next-Gen Operational Analytics Software to Save Service Providers Time and Money

Mariner xVu™ Ships Next-Gen Operational Analytics Software to Save Service Providers Time and Money

XpertVu™ Offers a Three-Pronged Approach to Analytics, Improving Network Operations, Service Operations, and Customer Care

SAINT JOHN, New Brunswick — April 19, 2017 — Mariner xVu™ today announced the launch of XpertVu™, an automated solution that takes operational analytics for service providers to a new level of functionality and value. XpertVu uses signatures as a vehicle to characterize critical service, operational, and application events to improve Quality of Experience (QoE).

“Operators are struggling to keep up with new entertainment launches. They need modern tools that can spot new issues and automate responses, before they impact customers,” said Marc Savoie, president of Mariner xVu. “With XpertVu, we’re offering a fresh and rapid approach to data analytics, allowing operators to improve upon network operations, service operations, and customer care, areas that are key to being a successful service provider in any market.”

Working in tandem with the award-winning Mariner xVu service assurance platform, XpertVu identifies signatures to actively monitor the xVu data, providing notification of any significant event. These signatures help service providers identify and resolve both acute and chronic issues.

XpertVu Alerts, a highly configurable notification component, allows targeted, specific messages to be sent to individuals or groups with specific responsibilities. XpertVu can be configured to automatically detect and alert personnel when hotspots emerge or failures occur, allowing for corrective action to be taken swiftly to minimize disruption to service operations. Additionally, through XpertVu OnRequest, service providers can customize the messaging provided to its agents, ensuring consistency in the troubleshooting process.

To address the need for flexibility, scalability, and speed of analysis demanded by today’s service providers, XpertVu features an enhanced core analytics engine, allowing new correlation and association dimensions to be defined as needed. This enables experimentation, characterization, and configuration of signatures with unlimited flexibility.

XpertVu is compatible with Mariner’s existing xVu product suite, providing existing customers with an evolutionary path to new levels of operational performance.

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About Mariner xVu™

Mariner xVu™ is the world leader in software defined monitoring for managed and unmanaged IP video, streaming, and broadband/Wi-Fi networks. We have over 40 million devices under management, building real-time views of video performance, both inside and outside the home. Our multi-award winning software helps operators centrally manage the complexity required to deliver new entertainment and broadband Internet services with real-time visibility into the subscriber experience — anywhere. With an increasingly diverse and broad service domain, the benefits to service providers include operational savings and customer satisfaction through insightful correlation, triangulation, inference, and automation across networks, content, and the home. Mariner xVu enables service providers to offer a reliable, high-quality viewing experience; rapidly isolate video network issues; and cost-effectively reduce truck rolls and call volume to ensure a superior TV and broadband service. More information is available at

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