SHIFT Energy part of LBNL Technical Advisory Group

SHIFT Energy part of LBNL Technical Advisory Group

SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – August 11, 2017 – Charles Holleran, Vice President – Engineering for SHIFT Energy has been invited to participate in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories’ (LBNL) Open Building Control Technical Advisory Group. Open Building Control will develop tools and processes for the performance evaluation, specification and verification of building control sequences to reduce energy and peak power while increasing air quality and comfort.

Holleran is part of an advisory team who will help steer the development of an open-standard controls description language (CDL) which will be used to export control sequences and functional verification tests, expressed in a digital form. Michael Wetter, Scientific Division Director – Whole Building Systems Department, Commercial Building Systems Group, Demand Response Research Center for the LBNL invited Holleran because of his work with SHIFT Energy’s EOS.

EOS is a highly secure cloud-based software that works with existing building systems to reduce energy costs in commercial buildings. It works with building systems, including Building Automation Systems, to gather minute-by-minute operational data and store it in the cloud. EOS analyzes that data, along with weather, time of day pricing of electricity, occupancy and event schedules and uses adaptive machine learning to determine how to maximize everyone’s comfort while saving the most money. Energy costs are reduced and day-to-day operations simplified without giving anything up. This flexible smart building solution can deliver a significant financial impact in a short amount of time while reducing overall carbon footprint. EOS is the perfect solution to make a smart building smarter. Solutions are specifically designed to optimize energy usage in venues and arenas, healthcare facilities and commercial real estate properties.


SHIFT Energy, a member of the Mariner Partners group of companies, has developed EOS, an energy optimization software that makes smart buildings smarter by optimizing building automation.  RO uses big data analytics, cloud computing and IoT resulting in improved comfort for building occupants, longer asset life, lower energy costs, better system autonomy and detection of defects for building owners and operators.

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