SHIFT Energy and BGIS partner in energy savings for Diamond Health Care Center

SHIFT Energy and BGIS partner in energy savings for Diamond Health Care Center

SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – August 15, 2017 – The Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Center (DHCC) in Vancouver, BC. has taken their energy savings to a new level with help from SHIFT Energy, in partnership with Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) Professional Services. The healthcare facility has reduced their total utility cost by an average of 12% per month through the first seven months since deployment of SHIFT’s Real Optimization (RO) energy optimization software.  Integrating into the existing Johnson Controls building management system, RO provides intelligent, real time building automation improvements with cost savings through energy reduction and increased operational capacity.

Since the DHCC was already considered to be operating at a high level of efficiency, this deployment highlights the capabilities of SHIFT’s RO to produce savings in a challenging environment. With initial expected savings projections in the range of 4 – 6%, SHIFT Energy along with engineers from BGIS Professional Services, developed and deployed strategies through the RO software platform which obviously far exceeded these projections. With only historical BAS data to create a baseline and measure real-time performance, a measurement and verification plan was developed using International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Option A. In addition to utility cost savings, RO has also increased the system capacity with its precise automation of systems, providing additional system redundancy to the operations team at the DHCC.

“The results of implementing RO at DHCC were impressive. The most surprising thing was watching the savings increase month over month as the software learned the dynamic requirements of the building. The project was an overall success and the SHIFT Energy team was excellent to work with throughout the process from their project managers to their installers,” said Nuno Duarte, Vice President-Professional Services, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions.

Curtis Howe, CEO – Mariner Partners notes, “Partnering with an industry leader like BGIS allows SHIFT Energy the opportunity to showcase the power of SHIFT’s RO to those who really understand the need for energy optimization in healthcare facilities such as DHCC.  We were able to leverage our partners’ knowledge and experience to deliver impressive energy savings for the customer.”

RO powered by SHIFT is a highly secure cloud-based software that works with existing building systems to reduce energy costs in commercial buildings. It works with building systems, including Building Automation Systems, to gather minute-by-minute operational data and store it in the cloud. RO analyzes that data, along with weather, time of day pricing of electricity, occupancy and event schedules and uses adaptive machine learning to determine how to maximize everyone’s comfort while saving the most money. The energy saving actions are then autonomously written back to the BAS without the need for operator intervention. This automated building optimization means energy costs are reduced and day-to-day operations simplified without giving anything up. This flexible smart building solution can deliver a significant financial impact in a short amount of time while reducing overall carbon footprint.

RO is the perfect solution to make a smart building smarter. Solutions are specifically designed to provide automated energy optimization in venues and arenas, healthcare facilities and commercial real estate properties.

SHIFT Energy, a member of the Mariner Partners group of companies, has developed RO, an energy optimization software that makes smart buildings smarter by optimizing building automation.  RO uses big data analytics, cloud computing and IoT resulting in improved comfort for building occupants, longer asset life, lower energy costs, better system autonomy and detection of defects for building owners and operators.

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